Essential Links for IT Pros

Here’s a collection of Web resources for IT professionals. Topics include (click a topic to jump to that section):

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Provides links to hundreds of computer-related documents and other sites covering a wide variety of systems.

Events and Error Messages


Microsoft Technet Event Message Support

The Elder GeeK


This site is the Windows XP Home and Professional Information and Forum.  Links, Tools, Q&A…

Bleeping Computer


Computer Forum proving assistence, tutorials, etc..

Topics Include..i.e. Troubleshooting Startup problems, removing spyware,...etc.




The MX ToolBox


The firm’s mission is to provide corporate clients with a diversified suite of messaging security services, ranging from spam filtering to email disaster recovery and monitoring

The InterNIC Web Site


This website has been established to provide the public information regarding Internet domain name registration services



CCRP site

The Common Controls Replacement Project offers faster, more fully featured, and free controls you can use in place of the standard Microsoft controls.


A popular site with a broad array of software for both Macs and PCs. The Today in Downloads section keeps you current, but the expanded listings provide more context for the top-level categories.

SYSInternals Freeware


The Sysinternals web site provides you with advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows internals that you won't find anywhere else


A software site with a business section that includes tools for accounting, databases, information organization, marketing, and project management.

Microsoft's Office 2003 Resource Kit

You can download tools directly from the Web site instead of buying the CD. You also can read HTML versions of the pages from the hardcopy manual.


Offers Windows freeware and shareware in only two categories—Internet and general—but the site focuses on software that won't nag you with insistent registration messages.


Features a well-organized shareware collection with tools for all types of little machines.


A quick, efficient site with shareware and freeware for Palm and WinCE devices as well as the Mac and PC platforms. U.S.

Follow the Products link to browse anti-virus protection tools. The Downloads link takes you to a page where you can obtain evaluation copies of products.



Glazier Systems' Windows Script Host

Provides a comprehensive resource for WSH, OLE Automaton, and COM objects you can use for your own scripting solutions.

Java Script Home


Comprehensive Java Script, DHTML,..Free Java…

Offers a multitude of ASP resources, including free lessons, recommended books, and free code. This is a TechRepublic editor’s choice.

Matt's Script Archive


A good resource for free Perl CGI scripts and HTML script templates. All the scripts have working demos.




Windows Script Technology

Offers documentation, downloads, FAQs, links, and resources for JScript, VBScript, Debugging, Remote Scripting, and other Microsoft script tools and applications.



This is anti-hacking site receives almost 500 hack attempts per hour, so it must be doing something right. The site offers information on hacker exploits and many other services that will be of interest to those in charge of network security.

Computer Incident Advisory Capability


Provides excellent security tips. Also offers information on e-mail chain letters and other Web-based hoaxes.

SANS Institute Online


Offers events calendars, reports, salary surveys, and other information from the SANS System Administration, Networking, and Security Institute.


News and company/product info

CPU Central


Covers current and upcoming x86 processors via extensive headline news and access to online reviews and articles. Reviewed in

Network Buyer's Guide

An information center with a buyer’s guides covering hardware, software, services, and training. You won’t find reviews or ratings, but the company information and the collections of links are excellent.

Thin Planet


Visit this site if you want to keep up with developments in thin-client computing. News, opinions, and discussion areas are just a few of the features.